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Monk Arónia Energy Gel 70g

Spoil your taste buds with a new addition to fruit energy gels, the functional and fruity-sweet energy gel with a smooth consistency and the increasingly popular aronia flavour,...

Code: MG11-70
Monk Cocoa Energy Gel 70g

Support your sports performance with the unique Monk Cocoa Gel and indulge your taste buds at the same time. The exceptional recipe of this delicious energy gel has been...

Code: MG9-70
Monk Forest Fruit Protein Smoothie Delicious snacks from MONK Nutrition
New Tip

Enjoy the tastiest and highest quality wild berries and savor the unique flavor of fresh forest raspberries and strawberries prepared in the form of a smoothie – meet the new...

Code: MPS02-70
Monk Strawberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie Delicious snacks from MONK Nutrition
New Tip

Savor the perfect combination of delicious strawberries and fragrant vanilla in a unique smoothie – the new Monk Strawberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie! 

Code: MPS03-70
Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla, organic nut butter Delicious snacks from MONK Nutrition

Unique sweet nut cream with roasted organic cashews and vanilla – that's Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla!

Code: MSN04-60
Monk Halal Collagen plasticjar 1024px

Highly effective, pure natural bovine collagen to enhance your looks, health, and vitality - that's Monk Halal Collagen!  Give your body what it needs with the highest quality...

Code: MP01-350
Monk Antistress Ritual 450g Monk Nutrition

Meet the most distinctive product in the Monk range!  Made for the rigours of today, Monk Antistress Ritual Chocolate is a unique chocolate-flavoured instant anti-stress drink!...

Code: ML05-450
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