Monk FAST Mango, BIO energy gel, 70 g

Experience the refreshing energy of mango in every package! Fast Mango Energy Gel is your helper to achieve maximum performance, regardless of your sporting intention. With its refreshing mango puree and fast-acting glucose, you'll get the instant energy you need for your toughest challenges. The carefully selected ratio of fruit and glucose and the amount of calories will provide you with energy that will support and maintain your pace.

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Monk FAST Mango, BIO energy gel, 70 g on offer at the MonK Nutrition e-shop
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Why choose Fast Mango Energy Gel?

  • Designed for those who prefer fast sugars: do you like fast sugars and need to throw in some energy for the last few kilometers? This product could be intended for you. The combination of fruit puree with glucose provides energy for the last kilometers. At the same time, we did not overdo it with the amount of calories, so as not to waste your pace unnecessarily with a quick burst of too much energy.
    Natural ingredients: Our energy gels are made with the utmost care from high-quality natural ingredients. Fast Mango Energy Gel contains pure mango puree and glucose powder, which guarantees a quick supply of energy. And all this, as is our custom, in 100% organic quality.


  • Fast energy supply: the concentrated form of glucose in our gel provides an immediate supply of energy to your body, helping you overcome fatigue and achieve your goals.


  • Suitability for various sports: Fast Mango Energy Gel is ideal for various types of sports, including running, cycling, triathlon, but also other endurance and competitive activities. Its easily digestible form ensures fast and efficient energy absorption, which helps you to keep your performance at its peak.


  • Use during performance: Fast Mango Energy Gel is designed to be easy to use during your sports performance. Its practical package allows you to easily and quickly get the necessary dose of energy anytime and anywhere, without unnecessary slowing down.

NET weight: 70 grams

Use: Food for direct consumption.

Ingredients: Organic mango puree 70%; bio glucose powder; salt


Nutritional data per 100 g

Energy 657 kJ / 157 kcal

Fats 0,31 g of which saturated fatty acids 0,07 g
Carbohydrates 37 g of which sugars 37 g
Fiber 1,1 g
Protein 0,4 g
Salt 0,03 g

Storage: store in a dry and cool place in a closed container. Consume immediately after opening.

Manufacturer: KREŽ, s.r.o., SNP 89/175, 061 01 Spišská Stará Ves, Slovakia

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