Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla, organic nut butter, 60 g

Unique sweet nut cream with roasted organic cashews and vanilla – that's Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla!

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Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla, organic nut butter Delicious snacks from MONK Nutrition

Start pampering your senses with quality, tasty, and nutritious indulgence! That's exactly what you'll get from the brand-new nut cream from Monk, which tastes like nuts, smells like vanilla, and provides plenty of energy and nutrition. All of this without artificial flavorings, purely natural, in 100% BIO quality. Discover the true nut cream snack that allows you to 'sin' healthily and nutritiously!

Satisfy your taste buds with a modern sweet snack with a creamy texture and the flavor of roasted cashews and vanilla, Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla, which you'll fall in love with at first bite. Moreover, thanks to its practical and resealable packaging, you can refresh yourself repeatedly, in multiple portions, according to your current taste, hunger, or mood.

The foundation of the snack consists of purely natural ingredients in BIO quality. It is based on BIO roasted cashews, rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, comprising 50% of the snack and finely ground for a perfect texture. Enhancing their already excellent taste is BIO vanilla, providing a unique sweet aroma and an additional dimension of flavor. Vanilla also has anti-stress effects, capable of calming and harmonizing the mind and psyche. The cream's composition is refined with BIO coconut oil, which further diversifies the taste, adding juiciness while supporting immunity and aiding in weight loss. The already enriched composition is highlighted by the inclusion of BIO sunflower protein, providing proteins and counteracting muscle loss.

Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla is a perfectly sweet, delightful treat full of honest flavor and true vanilla aroma. It is suitable for weight loss and maintaining a slim figure due to its zero added sugar content. This refreshment quickly provides the necessary energy, whether after sports, physical activity, or as a meal on busy days when there's no time for a traditional lunch or dinner. Thanks to its nutritional value and balance, it is also suitable for children, who can consume it in multiple portions and, most importantly, enjoy a healthy snack.

Main benefits

  • Ideal as a snack: With a high content of cashews, plant protein, and a pronounced vanilla flavor, Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla provides the necessary energy boost for everyday snacking.
  • Universal companion: Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla is ideal for consumption during various activities, whether it's work, study, or relaxation.
  • Fits into any pocket: With its compact packaging, Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla easily fits into any pocket, making it an ideal companion for travel, work, or school.


Cashews (50% of the product): Natural, nutrient-rich, and healthy fats, cashews give Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla exceptional nutritional value and a creamy taste.

Vanilla: Quality vanilla adds a gentle and sweet aroma to the snack, making it refreshing and irresistible.

Coconut oil: Contributes to a juicy texture and adds an exotic flavor to the product.

Sunflower protein: In Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla, you'll also find a source of plant protein, making this snack not only a tasty but also a nutritious choice.

Enjoy Monk Cashew Snack Vanilla as a great way to support your body with quality ingredients and indulge in exceptional taste. This snack is created for those seeking a harmonious combination of nutrition and pleasure in every bite.


Ingredients: 50% organic roasted cashews; organic coconut oil ; 15% organic agave juice powder; 10% organic sunflower protein; 2% organic vanilla concentrate; organic agave inuline 

Allergens: Contains nuts (cashew nut). May contains traces of other nuts.

Nutrition values  in 60 g:

Energy 1509 kJ / 361 kcal

  • Fat 28,2 g of which saturated fatty acids 15,60 g
  • Carbohydrates 14,4 g of which sugar 14,4 g
  • Dietary fiber 3 g
  • Protein 9,6 g
  • Salt 0,03 g

Nutrition values  in 100 g:

Energy 2515 kJ / 601 kcal

  • Fat 47 g of which saturated fatty acids 26 g
  • Carbohydrates 24 g of which sugar 24 g
  • Dietary fiber 5 g
  • Protein 16 g
  • Salt 0,05 g



Usage: Food for direct consumption.

Storage: Store in a dry place in a closed container at a temperature between 20 and 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight. Consume within 24 hours after opening.

Manufacturer: KREŽ, s.r.o., SNP 89/175, 061 01 Spišská Stará Ves, Slovakia


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