Diet during outdoor sports in winter

The ski season has started! Do you know how to enjoy quality refreshments on the ski slopes?

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In this article, we will advise what to wear on a slope or cross-country skiing, so that there is enough energy for physical exertion. We recommend a few tips for Monk products that can be taken with you and prepared easily right outside.

Now beginning the skiing season. Many of us, especially during the holidays or right after the New Year, will head to the mountains after more than half a year. Whether we go there just in the morning and back in the evening, for a weekend, or even a whole week, besides skiing and sports, nutrition is essential. Especially what we treat ourselves to directly on the slope when we often ponder where and when to eat and whether to sit down for a long and often expensive lunch, or conversely, just grab a coffee and a small snack and have a hearty meal after skiing.

However, do you know what proper skiing nutrition should look like, what its composition should be, what is essential in it, and how to properly supplement the necessary energy and nutrition during skiing?

Here are some tips on that!


Hearty breakfast as the foundation

Breakfast consisting of high-quality carbohydrates, fats, and proteins should be the foundation of every day. Moreover, if we're going on a trip and anticipate increased energy expenditure during the day, especially due to physical activity like skiing, our breakfast should be more energetically and nutritionally substantial. After all, our physical expenses will be higher during sports, so it's crucial to have a solid foundation. Our breakfasts should undoubtedly differ from days when we go to work, where we sit most of the day, or weekends when we are at home and prefer to relax and unwind. In addition, substantial breakfasts provide an excellent start not only to our bodies but also to our metabolism, which will function much better and properly distribute our energy.

However, it's essential to think about the composition of breakfast. Whether we're more accustomed to sweet or savory breakfasts, they can always be prepared in a quality and nutritious way. For sweet breakfasts, we can opt for breakfast cereals, for savory breakfasts, we can go for whole-grain bread, ideally based on spelt flour, complemented by ham with a high meat content or cottage cheese with high protein content.

Hydration in winter is crucial

Monk bio products

Even during skiing or other winter sports, we must not forget about proper hydration. Many of us don't feel the subjective sensation of thirst in winter and cold, which can sometimes be a problem. During sports, we expend fluids, and we need to replenish them properly. Ideally, this is in the form of unsweetened water or, for warming up, perhaps with lemon or green tea, which can be supplemented with honey if needed.



Monk bio products

It is certainly true that we should drink about 2 liters of water throughout the day, especially when engaging in sports. And we must not forget that coffee is more of a food than a beverage, or that sweetened fizzy sodas practically do not quench thirst and are not the right way to replenish fluids. In addition to plain water, it is advisable to supplement fluids in the form of various isotonic drinks, such as Monk Iontak, which, along with fluids, replenishes lost salts and minerals, allowing our body to function correctly again.

We also offer a small package from which you can prepare a 500 ml drink anywhere outside.


Well-deserved dinner after an active day

If you're one of those who don't want to have lunch on the slope, wait for long minutes, and settle for compromises, after returning from skiing, we should not forget about a quality dinner.


Monk bio products

Whether in a classic favorite restaurant where we can eat in peace and, most importantly, according to our own taste, or in private, at home or in an apartment where we can cook. Dinner should again be rich in high-quality carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and should have a balanced ratio of these components. Suitable options include easily digestible meats such as chicken and turkey, as well as vegetables or optimal side dishes like rice or potatoes, which are a quality source of carbohydrates. And let's not forget about drinks, especially warming ones, such as various protein cocoa or coconut milks, or special chocolate cream drinks full of vitamins and nutrients, such as Monk Antistress Ritual. Of course, in the best quality, organic and without added sugars and other chemicals like dyes, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.

Preparation: Making the drink is also easy.  Just add hot water or milk to the instant powder mixture.  For a creamy drink use 80-100 ml of hot water/milk, for a medium flavoured drink use 100-150 ml and for a mild drink use 200 ml to make a relaxing beverage. Can be taken out and prepared anywhere you need.

Skiing is a part of winter. Enjoy the unique sport in the fresh air and the beautiful nature of the mountains. Moreover, you don't have to give up your own dietary regime, quality nutrition, and modern lifestyle. You just need to know how to do it and how the diet during sports should differ from the diet on a regular day.

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