Why replenish your energy with natural energy gel even when you don't play sports

Even if you don't play sports, do you feel tired, don't feel like doing anything and you're not even hungry? You don't want energy drinks, you've already had about three coffees and it's late in the afternoon? Have you tried an energy gel?

Energy gel even when I don't play sports? You might not give it much of a chance, but we'll try to convince you. Here are three reasons why you might give it a try.


The primary purpose of an energy gel is to provide energy. 

On a daily basis, the average person needs between 1500 and 2000 kCal. One small 30 gram energy gel contains approximately 90 kCal, which is about 4.5% of your daily energy needs. 

Did you know: caffeine does not provide energy, it only reduces the feeling of fatigue by blocking fatigue receptors.

The brain needs sugars, and when it feels them on the tongue, it gets a boost.

The human body has adapted through evolution to burn sugars and the brain is literally dependent on them. We're not talking about classic white beet sugar. We're talking about macronutrient carbohydrates. The brain and also the body need glucose, and they regulate their blood glucose levels. Focus mainly on a low glycemic index to keep glucose levels steady so they don't rise too quickly and the body starts to store glucose in subcutaneous fat.

The energy gel is easily digestible

This is an advantage especially when you don't feel like eating. Then focus on energy gels with natural ingredients, preferably of organic quality, so that you feel at ease and not overfed. If a pack of energy gel has a lot of energy for you at once, try a resealable pack. This way you can enjoy the gel gradually, according to your needs.

We hope that these 3 reasons have changed your perspective on energy gels and you decide to try them outside of sporting activities as well. Personally, we recommend Monk Cocoa Gel, which offers you a chocolate taste and plenty of energy. If you'd like something fresher, we recommend trying Sea Buckthorn or Baobab, which has won a Great Taste Award.

Remember, we're here for you. We'll advise, explain and help you choose. We'd love your comments and feedback at info@monk.sk


MONK Nutrition team

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