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Monk Baobab Gel 15pack web

Monk Baobab Gel, a fruit energy gel made from baobab and agave syrup, free of gluten, allergens, preservatives, GMOs, milk, soy, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners and...

Code: MG7-30/15
Monk Cocoa Gel 15pack web

Support your sports performance with the unique Monk Cocoa Gel and indulge your taste buds at the same time. The exceptional recipe of this delicious energy gel has been...

Code: MG9-30/15
Monk Forest Fruit Gel 15pack Monk Nutrition

Discover the true power of forest fruit hidden in an energy gel and fine-tune your (not only) athletic performance to the max - that's exactly what Monk Forest Fruit Gel will...

Code: MG34-30/15
Monk Guaraca Chocolate Gel 15pack web

Enjoy the exclusive delicate taste of chocolate melting on your tongue and at the same time get enough energy for sports and work performance. Bet on the special Monk Guaraca...

Code: GC81-30/15
Monk Guaraca Strawberry Gel 15pack web

Guaraca Energy Strawberry 30 g - strawberry energy gel with guarana Treat yourself to a hefty dose of energy essential for any performance while enjoying the delicious sweet...

Code: GS81-30/15
Monk Lemon Matcha Tea Gel 15pack Monk Nutrition

Delight your body with a life-booster in the true sense of the word and discover the magic of an energy gel combining the best effects of Japanese matcha green tea, lemon and...

Code: MG6-30/15
Monk Gel 30g Caffeine Multipack 15 pcs

15 pcs of 30 gram gels with caffeine in a convenient package. The package includes: 5 pcs of Monk Guaraca Chocolate, Organic energy gel ,30 g 5 pcs of Monk Guaraca...

Code: MG-MULTI-001
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15 pcs of  30 gram gels in a convenient package. Caffeine-free, suitable even for young athletes. The package includes: 5 pcs of Monk Cocoa, Organic energy gel, 30 g 5 pcs of...

Code: MG-MULTI-002
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