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Monk Hazelnut Snack 60g web 1024px infoEN 2023
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Indulge in an exclusive sweet treat with roasted hazelnuts and rich cocoa - discover the new Monk Hazelnut Snack! Forget about typical overly sweet snacks, bars, or regular nut...

Code: MSN03-60
Monk Gel 30g Caffeine Multipack 15 pcs
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15 pcs of 30 gram gels with caffeine in a convenient package. The package includes: 5 pcs of Monk Guaraca Chocolate, Organic energy gel ,30 g 5 pcs of Monk Guaraca...

Code: 157
Monk Buckthorn Energy Gel 70g

Delight your taste buds with the new fruity energy gel, a sweet and sour sea buckthorn functional gel with a smooth consistency, Monk Buckthorn Energy Gel. The gel tastes great,...

Code: MG10-70

Natural energy for body and mind, made by MONK NUTRITION



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