Monk Pudingator

Monk Pudingator

Monk Raw Organic Chia sage seeds are carefully hand-picked and selected to maintain the highest possible quality. Multiple cleaning and sorting processes end with packaging in their raw state. Monk Raw Bio Chia seeds boast a rich amount of nutrients, exceptional fluid absorption and excellent nutrient utilisation. Try adding these rich seeds to your yogurt or making a pudding full of nutrients.

Monk Energy Puddings

Monk Energy Puddings

Healthy fats
For every kitchen
100% organic
Monk Cocoa Gel variation swatch

Omega 3 a 6

Raw Organic Chia seeds are a rich source of Omega-3 a Omega-6 fatty acids in optimal ratio. Chia seeds contain proteins, vitamins and minerals as well. They are also considered as a source of antioxidants.

Multipurpose food

Monk Pudingator Chia seeds are multipurpose food with neutral flavour for every kind of recipe. Monk Pudingator Chia should be added into cooked or raw foods and helps you feel full for longer time.


100% raw organic chia seeds

Salvia hispanica

Nutritional values in 100 grams
Energy 459kCal Protein 21.9g Fat 32.7g saturated fatty acids 3.52g Carbohydrates 9.1g sugars 3.0g Dietary fiber 7g Salt 1.13mg Calcium 452.8mg Potassium 1328mg Phosphor 950mg Chlorophyl 1179 mg Vitamin D 6μg Vitamin E 31.7mg Vitamin B1 0.53mg Vitamin B2 0.73mg Vitamin B3 22mg Vitamin B6 0.15mg Folic acid 22μg Vitamin B12 60μg