Monk Cocoa

Monk Cocoa

The Story of Cocoa

This liquid food of ancient times to many people appealed, when there were no monks and the order was still concealed.
It was the first gel to ever see the light, it’s good for everyone, even for a little child!
The delightful taste of Belgian cocoa ain‘t stopping, you can’t help thinking about your granny‘s topping.
Good for a race but even simply on a crunchy bread. Known for ages, easy to digest with great effects instead.
No one doubts that and its great taste is its backing, connoisseur experience and no feeling of energy lacking.
Stable long-term energy – that’s our Monk Gel – it’s something you will love!

Use Monk gels in sports

Using Monk energy gels is a highly individual matter. Everyone can use them as they choose. They taste different to different people and everyone takes them in a different situation. Some have them on an empty stomach before training, while others have them after and reward themselves with sweet food after exercise or have them for breakfast. Monk energy gels are an easily digestible food, so you’ll eat during sports and therefore replenish pure natural energy. If you want to make full use of them during sports, we have some tips from athletes on how to start with them and when they’ll help you the most. We’ve compiled their most common use for you, which is verified, suits most and you can start with it during training at the beginning.


Running events


They’re most often used by runners for longer runs over 10 km.

Use at a moderate pace is every 45 minutes of running with one starting gel from 5 to 30 minutes before exercise.

Advantages of Monk Energy gels when running:

easy storage

a dose of one sachet has an average of 90kcal

they fill you up

they replenish your energy gradually and support the use of your energy reserves

they’re a functional food free of E numbers, not an unhealthy nutritional supplement


Spartan obstacle course racing

SpartanRace Sprint

If you go to a Spartan Race on an empty stomach and without breakfast, gel is a good choice to fill you, but you don’t usually need gel for sprinting.

SpartanRace Super

1 gel for each snack and wash down with Monk Iontak.

SpartanRace Beast

1 gel for each snack and wash down with Monk Iontak.



The most common use with regard to cyclists is similar to that of runners, also with a recommendation for long distances. Cyclists usually manage short distances on their own reserves and don’t need additional energy.

Use is every 40 minutes of cycling with one starting gel 30 minutes before exercise.

How to manage long tracks over 50km and not stop?

In other words, ‘mental toughness’ means tolerance for unpleasant experiences. Your ability to suffer and bounce back from the necessary periods of discomfort, apathy and fatigue during exercise has much more to do with your state of mind than your physical state. Unless you’re prevented from exercising with a real, serious injury that damages your physical side and therefore affects your performance.

Long sport performance deserves a reward during exercise and it’s a quality diet that tastes good, like Monk gels. Your mind will be relieved of discomfort and allows you to unwind for a moment. Natural functional food with which you can take your mental performance and mental toughness to the next level.

Team sports


One gel just before the match and the other after the first half. In case of a more demanding first half, you can eat 1 more before the start of the next half. Wash down with plenty of water or Monk ion drink to replenish minerals.


Usually two gels are enough in a match. One gel just before the match and the other after the second quarter.

The first Guaraca, and the second fruity.

Recommended timing

5 minutes

5 minutes before

45 minutes

every 45 minutes

Recommended use in sports

5 minutes

5 minutes before

45 minutes

every 45 minutes during

Monk Cocoa Latte

This recipe is so simple that everyone can handle it. It’s also suitable for beginners, but with an excellent result as from a café. All you need is hot water (the method for warming it is entirely up to you), Monk Coconut Latte 40g and Monk Cocoa gel.


Pour Monk Coconut Latte 40g into an empty glass in which you want to serve your fantastic, delicious cream latte. Then add hot water while stirring constantly. You’ll create a creamy latte whereby you just need to pour the delicious Monk Cocoa gel. We recommend serving unmixed and mixing just before polishing off.

Monk Cocoa Pudding

Once you’ve mastered preparing a delicious latte, we’ll let you into the secret of how to make a fantastic creamy pudding from the same ingredients. Pour the Pudingator into the prepared latte that you left to stand and mix, leave to stand for a few minutes and pour the Monk Cocoa energy gel over. Whether you mix it or leave the full intense taste on top is entirely up to you. Enjoy, try, be creative, you’ll come up with many fantastic puddings with Monk Pudingator, each can be different.


Premium Organic Agave Syrup

Organic Tanzanian Cocoa

Nutritional values in 30g:
Energy 90kCal Protein 1g Fat 1.00g saturated fat 1g Carbohydrates 18g sugars 16.2g Dietary fiber 1.92g Sodium 0mg Calcium 5.5mg Pottasium 188mg Magnesium 19mg Phosphor 26.9mg Iron 5mg Zink 0.29mg

Monk Nutrition products are