Premium Organic agave syrup

Raw organic baobab

Organic baobab extract

Organic dryed baobab pulp

Energy 89kCal Proteins 0.04g Fat 0.00g Saturated fatty acids 0.00g Carbohydrates 21g Sugars 20g Dietary fiber 1.08g Sodium 0.1mg Potassium 45.4mg Magnesium 2.96mg Calcium 6.8mg

Agave #9 Baobab

Agave #9 Baobab energy gel is made of organic agave syrup and baobab fruit. The unique flavour of baobab gives a sour taste that refreshes you during your physical and mental performance. Baobab helps to replace lost minerals, especially sodium and potassium.

Recommended use by sports

5 minutes

5 minutes before performance

45 minutes

every 45 minutes during the performance