Premium Organic agave syrup

Organic banana powder

Organic concentrated 4-root maca powder

(red, black, purple, yellow)

Organic lemon powder

Energy 95kCal Proteins 0.28g Fat 0.00g Saturated fatty acids 0.00g Carbohydrates 23g Sugars 20g Dietary fiber 0.03g Sodium 22mg Calcium 3.4mg Potassium 94mg Magnesium 5.4mg Iron 0.15mg Copper 80µg Zinc 68µg Manganese 38µg

Agave #9 Bamaca

AGAVE#9 BAMACA is an innovative energy source with an organic origin and the taste of real wild bananas! Combined with the synergistic effect from 4 different Maca roots, this gel has been developed alongside professional athletes to improve sports performance when taken long-term, to make the most efficient use of the benefits of the Maca.

Recommended use by sports

15 minutes

15 minutes before performance

45 minutes

every 45 minutes during the performance