Premium Organic agave syrup

Lemon powder

Organic ceremonial matcha

Energy 92kCal Proteins 0.17g Fat 0.03g Saturated fatty acids 0.00g Carbohydrates 22.92g Sugars 20.21g Dietary fiber 0.04g Sodium 6.04mg Pottasium 13.50mg Phosphor 3.17mg Iron 0.11mg Caffeine 16mg

Agave #9 Lemon Matcha

AGAVE #9 Matcha is made with organic agave syrup, lemon flavouring and Japanese ceremonial grade matcha powder. An incredible combination of slow and fast acting sugars gives you maximum energy from this tasty bitter gel! Our Japanese ceremonial grade matcha powder is 5 times higher in antioxidants than most other teas and also contains natural caffeine to boost mental alertness!

Recommended use by sports

5 minutes

5 minutes before performance