Premium Organic agave syrup

Delicious organic cocoa from Tanzania

Energy 90kCal Proteins <1g Fat 1.00g Saturated fatty acids <1g Carbohydrates 18g Sugars 16.2g Dietary fiber 1.92g Sodium 0mg Calcium 5.5mg Potassium 188mg Magnesium 19mg Phosphor 26.9mg Iron 5mg Zinc 0.29mg


AGAVE #9 Cocoa - our original energy gel is made using only organic agave syrup and delicious organic cocoa powder from Tanzania. A low Glycemic Index energy gel with a rich chocolate flavour, this incredible tasting gel contains no preservatives, colours or stimulants. Agave #9 Cocoa is a favourite amongst those wanting a clean fantastic tasting energy gel.

Recommended use by sports

5 minutes

5 minutes before performance

45 minutes

every 45 minutes during the performance