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    Monk Bamaca Energy Booster

    Tribes dancing and singing in masks, whole night occupied with jovial tasks. The jungle was shaking as the rhythm was strong, later we asked how come it lasted so long. The secret of their ancient poetry, lies in the roots … Read More
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    Monk Smooth T gel

    Monk Smooth T

    Rooted in the distant past, in a tradition deep to the bone, there was a famous doctor who used roots and decoctions as treatment. He discovered his most famous medicine when he made the turmeric stronger using pepper, added a … Read More
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  • Organic Spirulina Tablets

    Organic Spirulina Tablets 500mg

    Seaweed packed with loads of vitamins, a miracle achievement of monk humans. The cleanest environment with pure intentions, no magic and top quality are no questions. Honest work and scientific knowledge, facilitates spirulina cells breakage to make pills for ease … Read More
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    Monk Sport Mix

    Sport Mix

    Easy using 100% organic Naturaly gluten-free DESCRIPTION WHAT IS SPORT MIX? Monk Nutrition UK Sport Mix is an organic and natural cereal snack packed full of vital vitamins, minerals and natural energy boosting ingredients with no additives and is naturally … Read More
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