Organic Energy Gels

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    AGAVE #9 Cocoa - our original energy gel is made using only organic agave syrup and delicious organic cocoa powder from Tanzania. A low Glycemic Index energy gel with a rich chocolate flavour, this incredible tasting gel contains no preservatives, … Read More
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    Agave #9 Baobab

    Agave #9 Baobab energy gel is made of organic agave syrup and baobab fruit. The unique flavour of baobab gives a sour taste that refreshes you during your physical and mental performance. Baobab helps to replace lost minerals, especially sodium … Read More
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    Agave #9 Bamaca

    AGAVE#9 BAMACA is an innovative energy source with an organic origin and the taste of real wild bananas! Combined with the synergistic effect from 4 different Maca roots, this gel has been developed alongside professional athletes to improve sports performance … Read More
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    Guaraca Energy Gels

    DESCRIPTION WHAT ARE GUARACA ENERGY GELS? GUARACA Energy Gels are completely organic, incredible tasting and packed full of Amazonian organic Guarana, specifically chosen for its long lasting natural caffeine content. GUARACA Energy Gels boost mental alertness, reducing fatigue and keeping … Read More
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