#9 TEAM - professionals recommend AGAVE #9 energy gels


professional cyclist

"Agave #9 was a big surprise for me, since I've tried gels last year I can't ride without. They are an integral part of my performance during my competitions . I eat a gel every 1 hour. With Agave 9 I keep a constant energy level. And the taste is very different from other gels and it's easier to digestTry agave 9, it's believing!"

Thomas Vaubourzeix
Martin Otcenas on race


professional biathlonist

"In October 2012, I was introduced to Agave #9, and as soon as I got it in my hands and mouth, I fell in love with it. It was my lunch that day, when it saved me. A high energy dose appeared about 20 minutes after opening the convenient packaging. Since then Agave #9 has been an integral component for my sports training. I use it as a pre-workout, during heavy endurance training and after training. For me it's an energy bomb, which gives me a lot of energy required for athletic performance. The chocolate flavor with syrup from agave suits any taste perfectly and it's easy to stomach."


professional marathon runner

"I have used Agave#9 since October 2012 and after a few months, I can proudly recommend it. It is very practical and a suitable energy gel for me, which I am not scared to use before every run. This energy gel is my main partner during on tough days."

Katarina Beresova