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Our references

Pepe the Cook

"The best products and counselling. A pleasure to work with."


"I’m a stickler for quality in every way and Monk met my expectations."

Mr. Kukucka

"We have the search for quality in common in every respect. And these are real special things."

Professionals have like Monk Nutrition


The best Czech ultramarathon runner, member of the Czech national team for 100km and 24 hours, two-time medalist of the prestigious ultramarathon SPARTATHLON (246km)

"I discovered Monk Nutrition by an accident. I can't even feel normal gels. But this is something else. With the help of Monk energy gels I ran the whole Spartathlon without energy crisis. Thanks to the taste and composition that does not irritate the stomach, I was able to get 20 pieces during the race "I finally managed to find fuel for good performance."

Keď sme spustili náš ambasádorský program, tím sa skladal z 9 členov a bol láskavo menovaný TEAM # 9. Ako sa naša firma rozrástla, tak aj počet ambasádorov, ktorí zdieľajú lásku k našim produktom v celej Európe. Zostali sme však verní nášmu pôvodnému názvu, TEAM # 9 ako poďakovanie za neuveriteľné úsilie, ktoré sme vynaložili, aby sme sa dostali až sem.
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professional cyclist

"Monk energy gels were a big surprise for me, since I've tried gels last year I can't ride without. They are an integral part of my performance during my competitions . I eat a gel every 1 hour. With Monk energy gels I keep a constant energy level. And the taste is very different from other gels and it's easier to digest. Try Monk energy gels, it's believing!"


orientation runners

"Because top sport places high demands on the body, we try to supply it with the highest quality fuel."

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