It began on a volcano

A climbing expedition was organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mt. Saint Helen eruption by a group of friends. The volcano is located in Washington state, USA, and is 2550 m above sea level. The expedition wanted to honor the 57 victims of the last eruption from 18th May 1980. Mr. John Sample, a member of this expedition, was prepared for the difficult climb. All bags were full of climbing equipment and energy gels. During the climb there were unexpected complications. Many of the members regretted packing their energy gels. In addition to tasting badly, thanks to their high glycemic index they provided only short term energy, which made the climbers more tired then usual. All bad things are good for something. John found out that their energy gels were made like candy. Many of their gels were also full of synthetics. Despite those complications, the expedition was a success and all the members came home alive. Because of this experience, John got the idea to make a healthier and better energy gel.


Created with passion

Once the idea was born, he only needed to think of what the new kind of energy gel should be composed of. But it was not as easy as it seems. After a difficult search and study of different ingredients which could be a part of the new energy gel, an experiment of different combinations of potential ingredients was needed. The targets were clear: a low glycemic index, optimal nutrition and no additional preservatives, colors, sweeteners or stimulants. Out of all the combinations, sample number 9 had the best parameters: a combination of agave syrup and cocoa. The new energy gel, Agave #9, got its name from this sample number.


The adventure continues in Europe

The idea of real health, achieved by eating healthy food and heritage of John, inspired us to offer Agave #9 pure natural energy gels in Europe. Agave #9 energy gels enable athletes to choose a pure natural alternative energy gel. We created a few more energy gels with a fresh fruity taste and we are preparing new ones with organic certification. Agave #9 energy gels maintain the power, nutritional value and taste of the ingredients from which they are made to the highest degree possible. The base of the energy gels is organic agave syrup, which has a very low glycemic index. To improve the qualities of the agave syrup, we use ingredients which are known for their health benefits and also provide a delicious taste to the gels. These facts will be favored by many people who want to fuel their energy and also want a tasty and healthy energy gel which is suitable for every sport. The whole product is based on an optimal combination of ingredients and you will find no preservatives, additional colors or stimulants.