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Pepe the Cook

"The best products and counselling. A pleasure to work with."


"I’m a stickler for quality in every way and Monk met my expectations."

Mr. Kukucka

"We have the search for quality in common in every respect. And these are real special things."

We choose from our offer

Latte pack

Weight of 21 sets: 1470g

21 Portions

Price per pack/sets:

63,00  49,90 


Weight of set: 70g

1 Portion

Price per set:

3,90  3,00 

Cocoa Gel

Weight of gel: 30g

1 Portion

Price per gel:



Weight of 21 sets: 2415g

63 Portions

Price per pack/21sets:

79,80  59,90 

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